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Marching to my 808's beat

We all march to our own drummer... Well my finally entered the 21st century and is a cold, shiny, metallic 808 drum machine.

About me... My name is Jason. I'm a person who doesn't fit a single label. I'll try anything once and enjoy life for every single one of its up and downs. I feel like an outsider at times yet other times I will be the most outgoing person there can be. In no way shape or form do I try or even want to be politically correct. If something I say offends you, I'm more than willing to talk about it, but know that those little semantics just over complicate life. Always working to build a better man out of myself, suggestions always welcome.
Sep 7 '12

myweaknessisthati replied to your post: So basically I just had like the most…

Super cute and sweet, I may die from my diabetes from reading this. Thank you for that.

Right!!!! Like UGH! And we’ve been talking all day today and he’s just like the sweetest thing EVER!

  1. cardinalmisdirection said: vomit!
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