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Marching to my 808's beat

We all march to our own drummer... Well my finally entered the 21st century and is a cold, shiny, metallic 808 drum machine.

About me... My name is Jason. I'm a person who doesn't fit a single label. I'll try anything once and enjoy life for every single one of its up and downs. I feel like an outsider at times yet other times I will be the most outgoing person there can be. In no way shape or form do I try or even want to be politically correct. If something I say offends you, I'm more than willing to talk about it, but know that those little semantics just over complicate life. Always working to build a better man out of myself, suggestions always welcome.
Sep 7 '12

So basically I just had like the most AMAZING date today. Like he’s cute, funny, smart, innocent, around my age, a great kisser, and is real. I thought this doesn’t happen to us internet people!

So basically, we met on campus and went to Subway for dinner, then walked around campus for about a half hour before we decided to go into the library and find a private study room so we can be loud and left alone. So basically we talk about our lives, family, a bunch of other stuff including that he’s still new to being gay and he’s a super virgin (basically he hasn’t even kissed a guy). Anyways, about an hour passes before I grab his hand and say we’re having a thumb war (which I won). Then we just started rubbing each others arms, slowly inching up, trying one up the last touch. Then I turn to him and say “You ready to lose this one-up game?” and he’s like “You already won the thumb war, so I’m used to you winning.” At that point with my opposite hand, I gently push his face towards mine and kiss him. After a good minute make out session, he says “Damn I’ve been wanting to do that all night.” Which of course led to more kissing, then more talking, then an awkward silence, then more kissing, then we realized it was 8 PM and he has to drive 30 minutes home. So I walked him to his truck, we kissed again and he drove home. When he got home, he texted me saying how much he wants to see me again and that he is thinking of shortening his plans with his friend to see me again.

Like this guy can’t be for real! I’m clearly in some sort of a dream within a dream within a dream! I’m just so enamored! I know it’s only the first date so I shouldn’t be getting this giddy, but I can’t help it! I hope I get to see him tomorrow.

  1. cardinalmisdirection said: Super cute and sweet, I may die from my diabetes from reading this. Thank you for that.
  2. heyybrianna said: AHHHH THAT’S SO CUTE EEEEP :D
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